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Why Cloud Backup is Essential 

09-15-2020 07:21 AM

Office workers, clerks, receptionists, and CEOs all use the same essential computer programs in order to perform their daily tasks. These software packages, and the data that we input upon them, are a huge part of everyday life - driving business, externalizing our memory, and helping push productivity higher in businesses across the world. On the flip-side, though, we’re incredibly reliant on these programs - as anyone who has had a broken or manufacturing laptop on a deadline can attest. That’s why cloud backup is so essential in the modern world - and this article will explain why you should backup into the cloud as much as possible.

Duplicate Memory

There can be nothing more frustrating than working on a document for weeks only to find that it’s been deleted from your computer, orthe file is corrupted. Through a simple technical glitch, you can lose hundreds of hours of priceless work.

The solution is, of course, simply to backup your files. This was once performed via hardware - like a USB stick or a floppy disk - but these are equally liable to technical faults. A simple spilled glass of water can destroy data stored on most external storage devices. That’s the problem that the cloud solves: data is safe, secure, and cannot be corrupted when it’s sorted on the cloud.

Access Anywhere

But there are more benefits to using the cloud than simply knowing that your files are backed up there. If you save your files on a USB stick, you suddenly have to carry another piece of hardware around with you, day-in and day-out, in order to access certain files - and to save updated versions of these files. This is laborious, frustrating, and increases the risk of losing your external storage device.

The alternative, and something that you should focus on building with cloud storage solutions, is to backup all of your important files onto a business cloud drive, from where you’ll access your files, breezily and without issue, form anywhere in the world, and with any device you might be using. It’s incredibly easy, straightforward, and stress-free to work in this way.


Finally, while the cloud does come with its own security risks, the risks of having your USB or external hard drive stolen are far greater. Because these devices are simply a physical manifestation of a computer hard drive, they’re easy to spot and so they’re also easy to steal or lose. Most don’t come with password protection: whatever is stored on the hardware is free to steal.

Meanwhile, the cloud is far moresecure- always requiring a password for you to be able to access any files. It also has different levels of security, which means that different people in your firm can be granted access to different layers of files and documents, which protects your firm from leaks and other data losses that could harm your bottom line.

With all these benefits ready to enjoy, it’s well worth converting to cloud backup in the coming weeks.

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