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Why Buying Flowers From Florists 

08-10-2020 01:07 AM

For those who know the value of flowers, we can spend thousands of dollars purchasing it. Although I'm an advocate of DIY wedding flowers, it wouldn't hurt if you patronized a florist too. Quality flowers are expensive, and there are many reasons why. The florist that tends to these flowers needs to profit from the business while offering quality service to clients.

What was your reaction the last time a florist told you about the cost of their flowers? You probably thought they want to dupe you, right? Well, you were wrong. It takes a lot to groom flowers from the germination stage to maturity.

These are some of the reasons flowers from a florist is expensive:


Flowers are delicate and should be treated as such. If you cannot dedicate quality time to look after them, you need to hand over the responsibility to a florist. Florists are experts in flowers that they can metaphorically tell when they are happy, sad, or hungry. From growing, harvesting, and shipping, grooming flowers is not a child's play. Every staff involved in the process needs to get paid, and maintaining flowers costs a lot too. When a florist puts all of these factors into consideration, they'll likely charge a higher fee.

Arranging the flowers

You would agree with me that your DIY wedding flower is not as fascinating as the one a florist would make. After getting a flower from the wholesaler, the florist takes their time to arrange it to suit the client's specifications. If you have tried to do a DIY wedding flower alone, you can testify to the stress involved. Should the florist not get a financial reward for their creativity? Of course, they deserve it. Find more ideal details about wedding flowers; you may visit on

Flowers are perishable

The more fragile a thing is, the more care is required. Flowers are living things, and as such, extra care is needed. When a florist receives flowers from a wholesaler, the countdown begins. The flower is taken care of from that moment until a client picks it up. The more fragile the flower is, the higher the price.

Peak season

During the holidays or festive season, there is a hike in demand for flowers. Since there is an increase in demand, the prices are likely to go up. Florists feel pressured during this period, and they factor it into the cost of the flowers. The chances that many flowers would be overstocked is high since florists may be tempted to over-stock flowers.

The next time you think that florists are overrated, think again. DIY wedding flowers are cheap, but not everyone has the time to arrange one. Florists take the stress off your shoulders by offering you exquisite flowers at a price. Nothing good comes easy!

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