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What is voluntary work? Some of its types and their working 

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Giving your time and energy to a project without payment means volunteer work. There are many organizations that program volunteer work mostly the volunteer Work programs are flexible if you Are putting your time energy and in some cases your money by flexibility we mean flexibility in the number of hours that you're willing to work in a day in a volunteer program. 

The work generally under the volunteer programs do not need any Qualification which means that anyone can apply in the volunteer program Irrespective of their Academy qualifications and experience the Volunteer Abroad Programs generally involve traveling. If you are going to work as a volunteer for other countries you should consider doing proper research on that work. Such programs involve the strengths, skills, and abilities of an individual. Some of the popular volunteer's works available abroad are- 

Academic program

It is one of the most popular volunteer programs in this you have to work in private-public schools related to orphanages and Community Schools where you have to teach subjects like English Mac signs music physical education etc. voluntarily and generally involves working with kids who are 7 to 18 years of age. In this program, you have to partner with local teachers and other volunteers and help them to provide proper education to the children. 

The main duties involved teaching classes, grading books working as a social worker with the administrators helping the kids with sports activities. If you want to participate in academic programs, you need to like kids and have patience for teaching Kids. This type of program sometimes needs training, but it is not an amendatory need for this type of volunteer program. You have to apply during the working days of the schools. It is not available throughout the year. 


Medical help related program

In this type of program, you have to work with hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, and public health offices. This program generally targets the poor and the needy. There are many organizations in different areas that offer medical help to needy people. You have to work with such health centers and provide medical services to the poor the duties include generally forming charts diagnosing diseases giving prescriptions etc. 

For volunteering in this type of program, you generally need to have a medical background to work with patients. It is best for the health professionals like doctors, nurses, medical students, etc. 

Orphanage work

It is one of the most popular volunteer work, and it is quite fun and engaging open edge is the best place for you if you are fond of children and are keen to it's changing their lives. The orphan kids are very active and love the attention from the volunteers. The work generally involves spending time with the orphans, teaching them, working as a social worker, cooking and cleaning, organizing sports activities for the orphans, and playing with them. 

It involves mental work in an organization. Generally, such programs are already arranged and supervised for you. It does not need any qualification as such for participation.Voluntary work generally involves working for society, and it has some life-changing effects on an sindividual's life.

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