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Tips to Get Instagram Followers 

3 days ago

Trying to be popular, looking to grow your business? Then you should follow some tips to get Instagram Followers.


Perfect Content

Brainstorm great ideas for your business or any other content you post. If you are writing any content on Instagram you are expressing your ideas or any product related which is an example of how you think or what your product is all about so think before you type any content on Instagram.


A calendar full of ideas

It is the best option to store the best ideas for further posts like when you are posting for holidays, business-related products. It is better to post ideas that are spontaneous with perfect content.


Well composed posts

Instagram is a visual platform where people start scrolling of the best, use high-quality photos or videos before you post because your post doesn’t get attention if it’s blurry and even affects your followers too.


Use filters

It means that your posts should not be original all the best, it’s ok to make posts more attractive and colorful through filters that can reach many followers and they even start sharing your posts based on the creativity level you made with filters.



Don’t just use the normal scale for photos or videos, use landscape, portrait styles that make followers look into your account.


Instagram Analytics

You can get access to analytics if you are using a business account which helps you to know whether the audience is active or not.


Tag people who interact with your business

You can tag people who are not a follower but can tag them and show your brand highlights. If you are posting a photo regarding your brand then tag everyone on the post where your post can reach their tagged feed.


Optimize Bio

Make sure that your bio is unique and creative, use branded hashtags, links. Bio is where the follower will understand who you are or what is your brand. Don’t plead, sound desperate on bio. Your bio should be updated regularly.


Call to Action

Include some questions or call-to-action which boosts your post. For example like, you can add double-tap to follow, learn more, follow to learn more. Or you can add something like give suggestions and what it is according to you, such lines makes followers interactive with you.


Contests and Campaigns

Once you have reached a good number of followers you can start conducting contests and campaigns. Like photography contest where your followers will tag you, use hashtags of yours and it may even reach many people.


Less text on images

Don’t write too much text on images, where Instagram is a visual content collection. Write a short and unique quote but don’t try to write a paragraph on a photo to get Instagram followers.


Right Hashtags

The new audience can reach your Instagram account through the right hashtags, Depending on the type of post or brand you are bringing to the follower you must highlight them using hashtags.


Repost Good Reviews

If you get a good review on your brand post them. You can get Instagram followers if you repost positive reviews. Posting of reviews is done if one who had given you the review should accept your permission for posting.

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