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The decision to renovate or remodel your house is a big one and no one wants to overlook any aspect of the process. I think we can say that design is the most important factor when it comes to renovating the place. Especially if you are renovating the place after a long time and looking to spend some money on it, you want the house to look like your dream house. But the entire process involves a lot of components and it might get difficult or confusion to realize what you are doing and if you are making the right decisions or not. Let’s discuss a list of things which you should focus on.



This is one of the most overlooked areas of a house but has the potential to make or break the. Look of the place. You don’t want someone to be impressed by how your house looks like and then be disgusted by the bathroom. Remember, people notice a bathroom a lot, and why wouldn’t they? They are the most vulnerable and in an overthinking mood in there. The first thing to consider is that the look of the bathroom should go with the rest of the house, you don’t want the bathroom to look like a separate entity. Also pay attention to the fittings you are choosing for the bathroom, don’t just go on the looks, look for a longer lasting product on top of the aesthetics.



One word of advice, don’t try to do everything by yourself. There are a group of people called professionals and they are called that for a reason. Let the pros handle the painting and the fittings and construction. It will cost a little bit more, but the final product will be much nicer and more durable. Also don’t be afraid of making the exterior look good, experiment and look for options in the market.



Don’t shy away from asking for help, there are people out there whose entire job is to help people remodel or renovate their houses. If you want a pool, don’t just go ahead and ask someone to build it, ask someone if a pool will actually be a good idea or not and if the design will go with the rest of the house or not. Also don’t be afraid of asking questions and even asking for advice from friends or family who have had renovations done in the past, any experience is good.



If you are working on a tight budget then don’t tell people working on the house your maximum budget, keep some breathing space if something goes wrong or if you have to change some aspect of the house later. Keep the maximum budget in your head lower by about 10% of what is the maximum you can spend, so in case the construction goes overbudget it won’t hurt your wallet as much.


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