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The Right Size Black Chandeliers Spread Magic 

18 days ago

Black color looks great when paired with white, brass, copper, silver, and metallic gold. It creates an elegant accent. Colors can dramatically change the interior aesthetics. They evoke different moods in people, for example, John may adore black but Jill may hate it. The black color is dramatic and bold, so cannot be ignored. It offers a sensuous and sophisticated look to space when used with splendor. 

It certainly makes a style statement, when paired with 2 to 3 contrasting color palettes. Remember, overdo of stark black has a devastating and depressing effect. Black has to be balanced with vibrant or neutral shades. Interior designers are incorporating lots of black elements to dress the room. You can even check the black chandeliers on Sofary. Within black rectangle chandelier designs, you will find a different degree of ‘blackness’. 

You can choose a clear crystal chandelier with black trimmings, which can blend well -

  • In your kitchen having a black marble surface. 
  • Over your dining table white in color and few showpieces strategically positioned around in places like window sill or fireplace. 
  • In your bedroom having black and grey patterned wallpaper on the accent wall, other walls grey and white bedding with black & grey cushions. 
  • In your study with the black desk as a base piece. 

[Never place black chandeliers in the bathroom]

How to size your chandelier?

The chandelier is a visual focal point, so you don’t desire to choose the wrong size. The chandelier size will depend on room size. A too-small chandelier gets swallowed and an extra-large one looks overpowering. So, learn how to size a chandelier before you go shopping.

The diameter of the chandelier

The length and width of the room have to be added in feet but treat its total to get diameter in inches. For example, room size 10 ft. by 8 ft. means 10 feet + 8 feet = 18” in diameter.

Fixture height

Ceiling height is also considered to get an ideal size lighting fixture. Generally, ceiling height is 8 feet. The chandelier will be 20 to 24 inches in height. It means to multiply the height in feet by 2.5 or 3 inches to get an ideal hanging fixture height. 

If the fixture is more than one ……..

You can opt for two same chandeliers. For calculating the diameter of two fixtures use, half-length and add it to the width. For example, room length is 20 feet and the width is 18 feet. Diameter of 2 chandeliers = L [half] + W = 10 feet + 18 feet = 28”.

For Hallways 

In both spaces, chandeliers have to be the focal point. The above guidelines are helpful but you can differ. Choose an aesthetic chandelier for the hallway as it sets the tone of the house. Color scheme and style have to blend with the whole house. As the hallway does not have a purpose, the light fixture can be extravagant. 

For the dining room

The dining table is the core, so the light fixture effect has to complement it. Generally, the chandelier has to be ½ of table size in diameter and hung 3 to 4 feet above, so that you can see one another across the table. 

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