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The dilemma of phone verification 

4 days ago

A common website is open to just about anybody who feels like placing advertisements, which are free of charge. These are one of the best-classified pages to post for the target audience. In the never-ending combat against spam, what used to be straightforward has now become complicated.

You may be aware that, for years, spam has essentially been a mild inconvenience. To highlight this issue, classified US websites are beginning to be taken over by spammers. By looking for duplicate submissions, these ad websites try to stop users from spamming.

They search for excessive posts from any single IP, but they also require users to register with email addresses that are legitimate. They have also gone so far as to introduce a CAPTCHA scheme to avoid automatic posting, as these posts can be flagged by any user that has also become obsessive.

Web advertisement tools

There are quite a few new resources out in the world that allow individuals to post frequently as they call it on web site ads or bulk post. There's also a Simple Ad Poster or EAP tool called Auto Poster and each one has built-in techniques to get through the anti-spam system of any website.

At the end of each post, most companies add have either a random string of text or a random number of days after the word. They also use applications like Ad Bomber or Ad Master as well. Service-oriented products such as It's Your Message, etc. even exist. 

The limits of ad websites have been broken by using these instruments. Many categories on web sites have been more than 95% spam. One of the first sections to go beyond services was the employees. 

Phone verification posting

Ad websites are not taking things lightly, and they have tried some gimmicks in certain areas that include a callback phone number along with a password that is either sent using a voice or an SMS message, like phone verification posting. 

And spammers have replied to this using pre-decided phone verified accounts that would sell between three and seven dollars each, allowing only one account per phone number. Spammers have also attempted to use Digits Grand Central number portability resources. Ad websites are blocking these now.

To get naive victims to approve the website authentication call, such complicated schemes as spammers using free ring tone sites enter the password from a voice message. An individual gets a free ring tone in that manner, and a person selling it gets a verified and free phone account.

Advertisement forums

Web ad forums are engaged in serious conversations. Do they verify or do they not? The various ways, in which the regular poster can be affected by phone verification, and how most spammers get past it without as much responsibility of the users.


It seems, from a verification point of view, ad websites have no idea as to what to do. The challenge for dependable ad websites is always on. The concept of SMS verification in this regard is a unique tool for authentication.


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