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The Best Trends in Website Design for 2021 You Can Use for Your Site 

3 days ago

When we think about trends in web design, we usually picture high-technology features and the most advanced elements. But whilst this is all well and good, the website design trends for this year are the exact opposite. What do we mean? Well, think about more realism in website design rather than high-technology fantasy.  There is now more of a blend between ordinary and digital features that is an accurate and apt reflection of the world of today, where our everyday lives have already merged with digital technology such as websites. So what are the best trends in website design for 2021, especially those you can use for your site? Let's find out.

  • The mix of animation themes

Animation has long been part and parcel of website design, but today’s websites are focusing more on various animation themes that are much more complicated. For instance, today’s sites are all about separating various page elements by using extremes in their backgrounds and foregrounds, therefore creating what is termed a 'parallax effect.' This is an optical illusion that happens when an object near a viewer looks like it is moving faster compared to an object that is placed at a distance. We see this every single day, such as when we view scenery whilst we are driving, but its effect on a website page can be quite impactful and relevant. It can create more depth for your website, which can immerse your viewers and transform their screens into what looks like a stage in a theatre. When viewers browse through your website, they can become drawn to the ‘performance’ set before them, which is similar to watching a magic show. And isn’t this what the Internet is all about at the end of the day?

  • Compositions using abstract art

The websites of today can also benefit from compositions using abstract art, and even if abstract shapes are particularly simple and minimalist as well as restrictive, today's website design specialists are incorporating these abstract shapes (from circles to squares and other geometric shapes and patterns) into more sprawling and complex features and compositions which showcase freedom. Many more abstract art elements are being used as a replacement or alternative to standard photographs, especially for startup companies, tech-based products, and applications. Since these abstract elements can show images of individuals, they can still evoke a range of emotions and make a website feel alert and energetic. The vibrant colours used for abstract shapes and elements also exude warmth, which results in websites that look more alive and expressive, as confirmed by the web design Cheshire specialists from It’s Eeze.

  • Cool, comfortable hues

Since the job market today is much more digital, most of us spend a lot of our time on gadgets like computers and laptops. The result, after a while, is often eye strain, and website designers are considering this when planning a colour scheme for websites today. In essence, designers are focusing more on cool, comfortable hues that are easy on the eyes. Zoom fatigue is all too real, so the trend is leaning towards the middle ground between light and dark. This includes softer colour palettes such as pastel blue, warm green, light pink, and warm brown, which are not as jarring as pure white or black.

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