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The Best Rotational Molding Company 

15 days ago

Granger Plastics Company is the leading rotomolding company globally. With 25 years experience attached to their belt, they've been able to conquer the rotational molding industry amongst other industries. Grange Plastics Company has produced tornado shelters, ULD containers, forever safe products such as: water right burial urns, cemetery flower vases, theft deterrent materials, beautiful granite and metallic finishes.


Our products and services

Mold shop: At Granger plastics, we run an in-house multi-stage process mold shop to build aluminum molds and fabricators for our consumer base.
Custom molding: 100% of our rotomolding business is custom rotomolding work for manufacturers, companies, and other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). We are leaders in custom rotational molding.
Plastic tanks: Granger plastics company has molded numerous tanks for various industries, including material handling and chemical solutions. We are goal oriented, our engineering design is top-notch and so we provide in-depth engineering and design to our clients. To get a closer look at us, our capabilities, products as well as services, you can contact us on (513) 424-1955 or send us an email on we offer only expert and professional services. 

The roto-molding process

This particular manufacturing process does not bring about pressure unlike other molding processes like thermoforming, injection molding, or blow molding. Now, because the roto molding process does not induce pressure, it makes rotationally moulded products durable compared to others. The roto molding process is a four-multi-step process.
1. Loading the mold: This is the first step, the mold is opened and the powdered resin is loaded into the mold. Firstly, all components such a mold-in graphics, vent tubes, threaded molded-in inserts are thoroughly assessed to fit the required specifications made by the customer. The mold is thereafter closed using fasteners that are mechanically installed onto the mold. Once this is done, the mold is rotated bi-axially by a controlled arm, and is rotated outside the oven.
2. Oven cycle: The molds during the rotating process, undergo heating in the oven for a set time. Some companies use 500-650 temperature range. Cycle times are necessary to ensure quality cooked rotomolded products.
3. Pre-cooling and cooling: Pre-cooling and cooling are essential steps to any molded product. It is during this process you can get the final dimension of your product. The mold is cooled by ambient air or a mixture of fan and ambient air as rotation of the mold is continued in the pre-cool station.
4. Unloading rotomolded product: Once the cooling cycle is over, machine operators will open the molds manually and the molded product is removed from the mold. Before the product is sent for quality inspection, the mold is first prepared for rotomolding process all over again.

Benefits of Granger Plastics CompanyThe roto-molding process

  • Our rotomolded products are of high quality
  • We have experienced engineers, and staff with over 25 years working experience
  • We are known globally as the leading rotomolding company
  • For over 2 decades, we have made tornado shelters.
To get the best deals of roto moulded products for personal or industrial use, visit us today.

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