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Reusable Bags - The Future of Environment Is In Your Hand, Be the Change 

21 days ago

The best way to keep environment safe is to avoid using materials that are not eco friendly. These days, one of the biggest controversies of our time is to find alternative to the paper and plastic bags.

The paper causes lot of pollution for the environment. By reducing the use of paper, you'll be eventually cutting down less number of trees.  These trees can’t be replaced quickly or easily. Factually, paper produces double the atmospheric waste than plastic.

On the other hand, plastic bags are equally responsible for destroying our environment. They kill many lives in air as well as in water. Besides, it takes more than thousands of years to degrade.

Plastic is ingested by our bodies in many ways like seafood, causing us a lot of harm. It is difficult to destroy or get rid of plastic products, as they don't decompose and release a lot of harmful gasses when burnt. On top of that the cost of recycling is relatively more. The EPA estimates only 2% of these products can be recycled, while most of them remain as they are.

The best alternative is to start using reusable bags. The material used to manufacture these bags are not harmful for the environment and don’t need to be discarded after every single use. Many manufacturers offer to make custom reusable bag as per the client request. Custom Earth Promos in one of the popular names in the market, offering a variety of reusable bags to cater to their customers.

Advantages include:

  • It can be used several times by spending little money.
  • It can be made from recycled and biodegradable materials like cotton, wool, plastic bottles etc.
  • It is lightweight and can be used to carry more items because of its flexibility.
  • Easy to carry as per your preference, and are stronger as well
  • It can be used to maintain the temperature of cold food items for a long time

The reusable carriers often called as the ’bags for life or bag of greens’, because they can be used as when you want and easy to clean. By using one such bag, you can conserve thousands of life and can maintain healthy environment around us.

These days there are many brands that have adopted eco friendly ways to market their products and services. It is a good way to spread awareness as well as contribute towards Global warming cause.

There are a number of ways you can distribute or convince your customers to use reusable bags. Product launch or tradeshows are the best places where you can distribute reusable bags with your brand logo. This way you can ensure that you reach targeted audience in the much faster and easier way. Besides, by using your reusable bags, they will be in turn advertising for you.

Using recycled bags to promote your brand is the most cost effective way. The important thing is that these can be customized as you want. Lastly, this will help you attract genuine customers. as they associate your brand name to be environment friendly.

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