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Pros and cons of acrylic paint 

02-22-2021 03:15 AM

If you will be using paint by numbers to paint your dog, then you will be using acrylic paint. You will need to know the pros and cons of both the traditional and modern acrylic paint so that you make your choice wisely.

Pros and cons of the traditional acrylic paint

The levels of toxicity

Pros: The acrylic paints are known to be water-based meaning, they can be thin using water and thus no toxic spirits are required. Additionally, you can clean off the wet paint of the brushes by use of water and soap.

Cons: Acrylic paints might contain toxins with the pigments and just like with some of the oil paints and there are extra toxins which might be found in acrylic which use retarders for slowing down drying time.

Drying time

Pros: The traditional acrylic paints tend to dry quite fast, and thus you don’t have to wait between the painting sessions for different layers to dry. Paintings happen to dry to make it ship safe within a day.

Cons: Because the acrylic paints tend to dry fast, they cannot be blended easily in creating the technique of wet in wet which is quite popular with oil paints. For that reason, a finished painting of acrylic might look quite harsh as compared to a complete oil painting.

The reactivation

Pros: Unlike the watercolors, which are another paint that is water based, the traditional acrylics are dry when they are on the support to stay. It makes it simpler to paint new layers on the previous ones.

Cons: Once the paint dries up, it is impossible to be altered or removed.


Pros:  Acrylic paints have proved to be more flexible as compared to the oil paints. There is no need to follow the rules about fat over lean with acrylic so that they won’t be able to crack

Cons: It is hard to comment how long the acrylic paints are going to hold up because they have only been around for about 50 years.

Pros and cons of the modern acrylic paint

Toxicity levels

The current acrylic paints are water based which means that, there is no toxic spirits which are required. They have some mild toxins but they don’t utilize retarder to slow the drying time.

Drying time

Pros: The modern acrylic paints have been known to have drying time that is extended and thus the paints can be felt on a palette which is sealed and remain good to work with for several days. You can also use the techniques of wet in wet just like with the oil paints without any retarder.

Cons: You will have to wait between the drying times. If you want your acrylic to dry fast then you should not go for the modern acrylic paint.


Pros :Current acrylic paint tend to reactivate. When the water is applied onto the paint which is dry to the touch, it will be reactivated and worked onto or lifted out from the painting.

Cons: With time, its ability to reactivate is normally lost and the paint wet over the dry acrylic might cause some color to bleed.

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