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Leveraging Media to Build Your Personal Brand: A Guide 

21 days ago

With so much competition in the world of jobs and recruitment, it’s important to think creatively about those methods by which you may be able to set yourself apart from the crowd. While others may apply for jobs with a standard resume and covering letter, you should attempt to think outside of the box in order to draw recruiters’ eyes, or show off your skills and credentials in such a way that others in your network will admire. In this short guide, you’ll learn how to leverage the world’s digital media — including social media — to build your personal brand.


Your first option, and one that’s increasingly popular for creatives and those with experience working on personal projects, is to build yourself a website. You don’t need to add hundreds of bells and whistles to this site. In fact, you just need it to show off your core skills and some key elements of the media that you feature in, or that you have created yourself. It’s also key to make your website look good. That way, you’ll also be showing off your technological, CMS, and coding skills to anyone who accesses your personal URL.

Social Media

As we grow older, social media represents a different set of possibilities and opportunities than it did when you first logged on to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Once you’ve gained some professional experience, these platforms are places to share your insights, promote your thought leadership, and throw ideas, concepts and designs out for feedback from your network. Of course, the king of the professional social media is LinkedIn, and it’s here that you should think to include a personal marketing guide to help you flesh out your profile. Look to Linkfluencer for help in strengthening this all-important part of your online persona.

Sharing Videos

Videos are most likely to be watched by your followers, and if you can manage to create your own with thought leadership insights embedded within the content, you’ll be sure to engage and excite a number of people across your sharing networks. This might include sharing on your YouTube channel, across social media, or through emails to your closest friends and colleagues. What’s important about videos is the ease of their consumption: anyone can spend a few minutes watching them and this means it’s a great way to grab someone’s attention.

Blog Writing

Finally, if you feel you have a lot to say and a lot to share, you may find that writing a blog is the best way to get yourself out there and to share your views to those who are interested in accessing them — whether that’s an influencer, a manager, or a recruiter. Get pen to paper, and then translate your thoughts into a well-formatted post in order to reap the considerable benefits of having some published blog writing behind you. This will prove your worth in showing off your ideas and will highlight how you can formulate them into simple and engaging text.

There you have it — the four key ways in which you can leverage media to help build your future career.

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