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How to Network in a Coworking Space 

09-04-2020 09:32 AM

If you’re working out of a coworking space or serviced office, it can be tempting to find a corner to hide in and get into your work zone. While you are in the coworking space to work and be productive, you could miss opportunities to network with other coworkers. Networking is one of the best ways to grow your business and form connections with other business owners and freelancers.  

By forming connections and friendships with others in a coworking space, you meet people you could potentially work with in the future. You also have the chance to spread the word about your business and increase your organic reach through word-of-mouth. 

If you’re nervous about approaching others in a coworking space, here are some tips to get you started.

Put yourself out there

While it might seem intimidating to approach others in your coworking space, there are many ways you can strike up conversations. While it does require putting yourself out there, others in the coworking community will jump at the chance to interact with you. Start by asking simple, icebreaker questions when you encounter people in the break room or kitchen, such as asking where the utensils are or where the sugar is. You can also ask personal questions to get to know people, such as how long they’ve been working in the office Edinburgh, how their week is going, or what they do.


Starting with these icebreaking questions opens the flow of communication and creates a sense of familiarity, which will then open the door to more in-depth conversations. You will start to feel more comfortable around familiar faces and might end up going to grab coffee or lunch together.

Offer your services

Next, you want to showcase your services to others in your coworking community. Once they know about your skills and what you offer, they can tell others in their personal network about you if someone needs your services. A great way to build connections and network with those in your office is through a work trade. You can find many talented individuals in coworking spaces, and you can be mutually beneficial to each other. 

For example, if you do social media management, and another person is a graphic designer, you can offer to create a one-month social strategy for them in exchange for some graphics for your website. It will allow others to experience your value firsthand, plus you can get some great testimonials.

Hand out promo material

Have some fun promotional materials on you to hand out to people in your coworking space. Since it’s your workplace, almost all your initial conversations with others will involve talking about work. When you tell others what you offer, give them a business card or something similar so that they remember you and your services. You can include your business information on pens or post-its so that when people need to borrow your supplies, they also get a dose of your branding.

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