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Health benefits of playing poker? 

6 days ago

People engage in poker games for a variety of reasons; for some people, they indulge in poker games for the chance to develop their skills so that they can become better poker players; for some individuals play these poker games such as the Aduqq to get that adrenaline rush that comes when they are holding a winning hand in the poker table.

For most people playing poker is all about the social interaction the poker game provides, and also the opportunity this poker games gives you to sit down at a table with your family and friends and get to bond over the most popular card game in the world while drinking some couple of beers and whiskey.

What several poker players do not comprehend, however, is that engaging in poker has some surprising health merits that you should be aware of. From improving your mind's state to ensuring that you get a good night sleep, playing poker certainly helps us be happier and healthier in our lives.

Below are some of the surprising health benefits associated with playing poker, so next time do not refuse to indulge in this activity with the notion that playing poker is nothing but a waste of time.

1) Poker keeps your mind active

Playing poker will require that you have a particular skill to improve their skills, most, if not all, poker players play and practice poker regularly. This requires dedication and focus. Therefore it pushes the poker player’s mental ability to a higher level.

Poker also has several games, and the poker players who often play this game become more competent and faster at solving arithmetic problems.

The other mental health merit associated with playing poker includes patience and improved concentration while also teaching poker players the importance of setting long-term objectives and working hard towards achieving them.


2) Flipping chips improves your coordination

Some people flip chips out of habit while other people do it to improve their concentration. Regardless of the reason, rolling chips across your fingers, keep your digits elegant and supple. In addition to that, while you are playing poker, you may probably not require the same physical demand as running on a treadmill.

Scientific research revealed that poker player burns about three calories in a minute they are playing poker. This may sound like many calories burnt, but given the amount of time poker players play this game, and the hours it takes for them to complete a single game, they burn off surprisingly a significant huge number of calories throughout the poker games.


3) Poker ensures you have an active social life

Whether you are playing poker on an online platform or playing land-based poker, poker is an inherently social game. It, therefore, not only assist the poker player in improving their communication and social skills, but also it is a well-known fact that being around people with similar interest as you is a good thing for you, and just because you are playing poker in an online platform does not necessarily mean that you will not be able to interact with other people who share similar interest as you.

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