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Frequently asked questions on soccer or football 

15 days ago

Where could you know the schedule and results of the football matches?


Football will be happening all over the world. You could not go to every stadium and watch the game live. So, you should look to find some other way to witness the action. Although one can watch the live streaming of the games via television or streaming apps, we could not be sure that every television channel we have will telecast the match we need. So, some alternatives could help us with the scores of all these matches. These are the football live scorecard websites like livescore that you can find online. You can know the schedule of the games and all the leagues of football from all countries using these websites. Along with this, there will be regular updates on the live scores of these games with results. Football enthusiasts from rural regions can make use of these websites. 


What actions will get penalties in football, and how are they executed?


In football, there are some restrictions for the players to maintain safe and legal gameplay. As the game is played only using the foot, the players should not make contact with the ball using their hands. If a player does it, the opponent team will have the foul-bonus (a freekick or a penalty shot). Also, it will be a foul when the player of one team attacks or hinders the opponent player with consciousness. Like these, there are several fouls in football. Each time a player does this outside of the penalty box, the opponent team will get a freekick where they can pass the ball to another player without any hindrance for once. But once a foul happens within the penalty area, the opponent team will get a penalty shootout chance. In this shot, the ball will be there at the penalty spot slightly in front of the goal. A player from the team can kick the ball towards the goal with the goalkeeper and the opponent players waiting for him to do so.  


What is offside in football?


Offside is a law in association football. It will be an offside when a player is standing near his goalpost beyond the ball and the last opponent at the same time. Each time a player gets the ball from the passing player, there should be at least some body parts of one opponent between him and the goal. If not, it is offside, and the opponents will get a freekick. The referee will make not of the players going offside and give a signal when done. 


What is a freekick in soccer?


If a person commits a foul outside of the penalty box, the foul will cause the opponent team to take a freekick. In this kick, any player from the team can kick the ball from the point of foul to any person of his team standing anywhere on the field without the interruption of the foul makes. 

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