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Easiest Football Bets To Win For Beginners 

15 days ago

FOOTBALL BETTING (แทงบอล) has grown across the globe and everyone is looking out to make some extra cash form this leisure activity. Easy bets have a low reward but also low risk, hence a very good starting point.Even though these bets have low odds, there is a high likelihood they'll be correct. For a newbie inFOOTBALL BETTING (แทงบอล), you may wonder what are the easiest bets to win. Here are examples of some, that will guarantee you some extra cash in your pocket. They include:

  • Double chance

This enables you to bet on two to three outcome of the football match. The proposed outcomes are; home or away; the away team wins or the home team wins, home or draw; the match results in a draw or the home team wins; draw or away, the away team wins or the match results in a draw. It is more likely for the double chance to be correct than a straight draw bet, home, or away since you are betting on two possible outcomes. The odds for Draw or Away or Home or Draw have odds as low as 1.10 or even lower and this also depends on the strength of the teams.

  • Both teams to score

For matches in which both teams are aggressive, a likely outcome is that both teams will score. Therefore, betting on both teams to score can be a very easy bet to win.

  • Over/Under

Whether a given match will have more (over) or less (under) than a certain number of goals will be your main speculation. These bets have a high probability of being correct because when you choose an Over bet for a lower number of goals like (0.5), or an Under bet for a high number of goals like (6.5), you can win. For example, the team should score one goal during the entire 90-minute football match, for a bet of Over 0.5 goals. Under 6.5 goals bet to win, it means that the team should score less than six goals during the match.

  • Draw no bet

Here you insulate yourself from a draw, and therefore, you are allowed to speculate on a given team winning the match. The bet is canceled and the money is returned if the outcome of the draw is a match. It is, therefore, an easy way to win a bet rather than a regular Away or regular Home bet.

  • First Half Over/Under

This bet involves one to speculate the number of goals that will be scored in the first or second half of the match. These bets are less likely than full-match Over/Under bets because they impose a specific time limit (one half of the match). The First or Second Half Under bets for high numbers of goals and First and Second Half Over bets for a low number of goals, can still have a chance of being correct.


FOOTBALL BETTING (แทงบอล) can help you ease up the burden of monthly bills. The easiest trick is to start small and work your way up.

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