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Diversity In The workplace 

12-30-2019 12:06 PM

How To Embrace Diversity In The workplace


The business landscape has changed dramatically over the past several decades. New technology now exists to help companies find time-saving solutions to everyday tasks, and most businesses now operate in a much more relaxed, informal setting than the buttoned-up companies of yore. However, the biggest and best difference in today's workplace is the level of diversity we see among members of office staff. Men and women of all colors, religions, ethnicities, and belief systems now work side-by-side in offices across America.


The dramatic increase in workplace diversity shows us how far we've come in the past fifty years, but it can also come with some questions for employers about how best to ensure they create an inclusive, harmonious office setting for all members of their staff. Here are some tips for showing your employees that your company embraces and celebrates diversity.


Get Perspective

Having a culturally diverse workplace means being able to get input and feedback from a variety of differing perspectives. Each member of your team is coming to every new challenge with their own set of experiences, and this can help your team see problems and find solutions in a new light. By encouraging round-table style discussions in your team meetings and getting employees to weigh in with their opinions as individuals from different backgrounds, your organization can not only gain a lot of scope about the matters at hand, but can also become strengthened through the frank, open discussions which take place.


Celebrate Everything

One fun way to build community in a diverse workplace is to encourage staff members to share their cultural traditions and celebrations throughout the year. Keep a diversity calendar in your staff break room to mark important holidays that each of your employees celebrates within his or her culture, and hold lunchtime potlucks to commemorate them. Additionally, as an employer, it's important to be mindful of each staff member's beliefs and customs, and offer paid time off for important religious or cultural holidays whenever possible.


Fight Discrimination

As an employer of a culturally-diverse workplace, you know how important it is to maintain a harmonious, cohesive unit among your staff members. If at any time you witness an act of discrimination or prejudice, or if you hear a report of such actions from another staff member, it is essential that you take a stand and let the offender know that these behaviors will not be tolerated. By enacting a zero-tolerance policy against workplace discrimination, you are drawing a firm line and standing up for the people who make your office what it is.


We have come a long way in workplace diversity over the past few decades, but there is still much to be done until everyone can truly feel equally respected. As the manager or owner of your business, it's up to you to ensure that your culturally-diverse workplace is an inclusive, safe environment for your entire staff.

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