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Different Types of Trans Woman That You Can Often Come Across 

02-19-2020 06:53 AM

Many of you may be interested to date trans women as they are getting plenty of prominence in the sex industry as well as on the porn sites. Many men consider them as better sex partners as compared to normal girls.

There are few good reasons why men are now going for trans escort instead of escort girls.

  1. Generally, a trans woman is available for most of the time, as they do not have any period problems like girls.
  2. Most of the trans women also have additional penis and hence if you like you can also get penetration experience during the sex session.
  3. They can be more accommodative as compared to real women, as they are usually prosecuted community and are not accepted by the society.
  4. They understand the needs of men much better than real women, as they had been male themselves in early part of their life.

When you meet a trans woman, they can be of following types:

  • Quiet type

You can find quite a few trans women who are very quiet types. Such trans women do not prefer to go for porn industry or you will not find them among the escort services.

They are mostly found in bars and restaurants who will quietly serve their customers. By looking at their eyes, you will know that they are quite active in serving others but prefer to remain reserved within their area.

  • Aggressive type

You can also find few very aggressive ladyboys mostly found in France whom customers fear to mingle with. Some of them can also grab your crotch and make unwanted advances towards you.

It is better to stay away from such kind of trans women, even if you enjoy their company because you will never know what is going on in their mind, and sometimes their aggressiveness may get ugly, particularly if they remain in a group.

Therefore, you should be polite, and better walk away slowly from that place.

  • Funny type

This type of trans woman will enjoy good laugh and are quite funny. Usually, they are the kind of people who are tall and having long legs and always love to have good time.

This type of ladyboy may not get into your face and not make any unwanted advances unless you invite them. With this type of ladyboy, you may always count on your good time.

  • Freelancers

These types of trans woman will look for their own customers and like to spend their night. They will give nice pose for you whenever you will ask for. They will also develop many customers and will not do anything for you, free of charge

  • Scammers

Such kind of trans woman can be found in Paris, who can manipulate foreigners. They will try to get sympathy and attempt to cheat you or dupe you by using tricks. So, be alert and careful when you are with such trans women.

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