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4 Reasons why good business communication is important 

09-11-2020 06:08 AM

We communicate with other people each and every day. We may have video calls, chat to friends on the phone, or speak face-to-face with our family members, yet what does communication mean in the workplace?
No doubt we’ve all had instances where we’ve had to ask for more details on a particular task, or misunderstood what’s been required - so communication here can be improved. How important is that to how we all work together, though? Here’s why it’s vital to ensure you practice good communication within your organization.
Productivity improves
If you’re able to effectively communicate at work, then this can help to increase overall productivity. That’s because managers can understand the skills and talents of their staff, then give clear directions to those best suited for certain tasks - this boosts the turnaround time of a particular project.
So if a colleague is better and faster at using a particular program, for instance, then a manager will know this through communication and will assign them a task using the program. Yet lack of conversation means the project may be affected: the process would slow down and have a negative impact on the goal.
Consistent Communication
Efficiency is compromised by poor communication, but this isn’t all. Even the overall work quality can be affected. Why? When the message is not as clear as it should be, mistakes are more likely to occur, meaning that the original intent becomes lost. When clear instructions are given, time or energy won’t be wasted doing the wrong thing. There is one simple reason why mistakes can occur when sending out instructions: rushing. When a manager has lots to do, they won’t necessarily have time to look back, proof and ensure their message is clear. Automating and scheduling communications will help to solve this problem. Using pre-defined templates for repeated tasks will save time and deliver a consistent and clear message, whilst creating business rules to determine when messages are triggered, improves efficiency. There may be times where using business text messaging services will be of benefit to your team. You can automate messages to recipients by SMS, so crucial details may be sent to groups to inform them of developments.
Enhanced innovation
You can’t have too many ideas, no matter how talented those at the top may be within your business. If you encourage everyone within your brand to share their thoughts openly - with no fear of being shut down - then you will swiftly find those people who have the most to add. The best will have ideas on how to improve the running of your brand, so give them the opportunity to speak. By collaborating to be good communicators, you can become more innovative overnight, which will be great for your revenue.
Boosting customer relationships
Your brand exists to benefit your customers, and you can’t succeed without them. So communicating with customers is as essential as it is with colleagues. There are many ways you can do this, but no matter how you do it, being consistent and giving relevant communication to your customers will bring your brand closer to those who use your services and products.
These are only some of the great reasons why good communication is important for your business. Look at how you can make improvements in this area, and see how the benefits affect your brand.

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