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Posting to the SBI&M Community Discussion

  • 1.  Posting to the SBI&M Community Discussion

    Posted 10-14-2023 03:56 AM
    Edited by Rosemary Amato 10-14-2023 03:55 AM

    Welcome to the IMA Sustainable Business Information & Management community.  

    A few instructions and ground rules for posting here.

    Threads designated as "Open-ended Discussion" are meant for knowledge sharing, such as on new regulations, proposals, best practices, trends and techniques.  You must also designate your Discussion to one of our four interest areas

    • ESG Reporting

    • Governance & Controls

    • Academia

    • Cross-functional Education, Talent, and Community

    Threads designated as "Questions to be Answered" publish to "Let's Connect" on our community pages.  Use these threads to connect with like-minded professionals,  find research partners or respondents, meet presenters for upcoming panels and webinars, or just for general networking.

    This Community is fully moderated.  All postings must demonstrate respect for and adherence to ethical behavior. 

    We will aim to approve all proposed posts within 24 hours. 


    Shari Littan
    Director of Research & Thought Leadership, IMA