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ISSB China Office Communication

  • 1.  ISSB China Office Communication

    Posted 10-26-2023 01:26 AM

    Hi all,

    I had a chance to talk to Zhengwei Zhang, the head of ISSB China office during an activity a few weeks ago. Here are some points worth mentioning:

    1. ISSB China is gaining solid supports from Chinese government. Similar to the US and EU, China will have its own system of ESG standards, which is infinitely convergent to ISSB;
    2. The current priority of ISSB China office is to promote awareness and reputation among large public-listed companies and SOEs. They are using partners such as China Public-listing Company Association and the big fours;
    3. They agree that IMA could be a potential partner in China. However, they do prefer Association of CPA or similar kinds. 

    I have introduced IMA's efforts in ESG, and sent them materials such as IMA's statement of ESG, COSO reports, and so on. They said they have never thought that IMA, as a management accounting body, has so many achievements and great ambition in ESG.

    Overall, the talk was not long but productive. I will follow on to see whether we have room to cooperate in the future.

    Best regards,

    Jude Zhu 


    Qing Zhu CMA, CSCA
    Executive Officer