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  • 1.  CSDDD vote postponed

    Posted 02-17-2024 08:25 AM
    Edited by Brigitte de Graaff 02-17-2024 08:38 AM

    For those interested in EU regulations:

    The CSDDD (the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive) is one of the proposals in the EU to promote better ESG reporting/responsibility by corporations. There's been quite a bit of discussion about this Directive, as it would imply that companies need to even better describe their impacts on the environment and human rights in thier value chain, making this a direct responsibility of directors. It would also open up organizations (and potentially directors) to liability if no actions are taken to reduce the negative impacts in these fields.

    Although the newest proposal of the CSDDD has lost a few of its sharp edges, it is still up for discussion and although a vote should have taken place last weeks, it seems to have been postponed again, mostly because some countries (Germany, Italy) are thinking about abstaining from a vote because of the potential impacts of this regulation.

    Although the CSDDD would very much align with the CSRD, it seems like maybe this is even for European regulations, yet a bit to quick...

    EU stalls supply chain law after German, Italian objections

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    EU stalls supply chain law after German, Italian objections
    European Union countries on Friday postponed a decision on a proposed law requiring large companies to determine if their supply chains use forced labour or cause environmental damage after Germany and Italy indicated they would abstain.
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