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  • 1.  CRU's report on Decarbonization - its threats & opportunities

    Posted 11-01-2023 09:32 AM
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    While we have been having lot of discussions and information around ESG reporting (in particular Climate change), it is also important to understand the reality of the physical challenges that companies, particularly in the hard to abate sectors.  The attached article from CRU provides excellent information on the major challenges of decarbonization. This will help provide a balanced perspective and also help appreciate how many important industries critical for survival is challenged to meet the climate goals while also meeting complex reporting requirement. Thanks. 



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  • 2.  RE: CRU's report on Decarbonization - its threats & opportunities

    Posted 11-03-2023 10:44 AM


    You raise an important point - accounting for sustainability is going to need the expertise of those in risk management / insurance / actuaries.  So much is around estimating the future -- estimating cash flows and risk.  

    Shari Littan