About Us

Welcome to IMA Sustainable Business Information & Management Interest Group! 

We are excited for you to join our virtual home to share all things related to this vastly growing and relevant arena.

IMA is pleased to support this virtual community, a place that allows professionals – both members and nonmembers -- accountants and nonaccountants -- who are leading and participating in a range of activities around sustainable business management and ESG reporting to convene and share knowledge, materials, and events.  We encourage your engagement, professionalism, and expertise.

With much cross-over, we generally divide our activities into four interest areas:

ESG reporting: Standards and ecosystem 

Monitoring regulations and standards in various regions globally.  Report on these updates to the full Committee.  Considering and producing comment letters on proposals on behalf of IMA that emphasize management concerns, such as including governance and controls, fragmentation, decision-usefulness, and use of technology for corporate reporting.

Governance and controls 

Bringing forward thought-leadership and education on the critical need to build internal capacity – governance, structures, systems - to deliver reliable and transparent sustainable business information. 

Cross-functional education, talent, and community

Bringing knowledge-sharing and community building to help develop competencies for sustainable business management. 


Bringing information on sustainable business management to the academic community for incorporation into university programs.