Leaders' Messages

IMA President & CEO

Welcome to IMA's new special interest community on the topic of one of the most timely and relevant topics in business today - Sustainable Business Information and Management! The purpose of this community is to empower IMA members as well as non-IMA interest parties to engage in meaningful and purposeful discussions on this topic, to share opinions, best practices, relevant resources, research and/or information to help move the conversation from the aspirational to action and impact!  I invite you to share your insights and perspectives on these pages, and feel free to invite your friends and colleagues to join in on the conversation. I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together.   
Mike DePrisco
IMA President & CEO

IMA Committee Chair

Welcome to the IMA’s new special interest community - Sustainable Business Information and Management.  As a part of this community, you can learn more about the various trends, initiatives, and standards that are advancing the growing focus on short, medium, and long-term value creation for an organization’s key stakeholders and help shape the role our profession will play in meeting the sustainable business information and management needs of our organizations. IMA's Global Sustainable Business Committee has sponsored the creation of the Sustainable Business Information and Management (SBI&M) community and the committee also looks forward to engaging with you as we share our knowledge and experiences surrounding the growing focus on managing resources in a way that sustains and builds value for all stakeholders. 

Paul Juras
SBM Committee Chair