Community Rules

Community Rules

  • All posts must be civil and professional in tone.  All community members must adhere to IMA’s values – respect for the individual.  

  • Discriminatory posts will not be accepted.  

  • Generally, all ideas are welcome.  We are not engaging in censorship with respect to substantive ideas.  

  • We cannot violate others’ intellectual property.  A link to other content is permissible.  Short quotes are also permissible, with attribution.  However, we cannot republish others’ content.  

  • Postings that educate or bring awareness to the community about non-IMA events, publications, or resources are permitted.  However, we will not permit promotional materials from other organizations.    

  • Community members who engage in trolling or otherwise fail to adhere to community rules and guidelines may be banned.  

  • The removal of a member will be administered by IMA Staff.