About Us

IMA’s Sustainable Business Information and Management Community has been created to encourage the engagement of IMA members as well as non-IMA members to share their expertise and engage in a community with others of like mind who want to learn, share, and empower each other on this topic.


IMA initially launched a widely successful Sustainable Business Management Global Task Force in 2022 and based on the success of the global task force, the IMA board created the Sustainable Business Committee in 2023.  The Committee is sponsoring the creation of the Sustainable Business and Management (SBI&M) community.

Sustainability throughout the years has grown to be one of the top relevant topics in business today. We are building a community platform for those regardless of their professional’s discipline and wherever he or she sits within an organization to provide a space for discussion, sharing, and engaging all professionals within this rapidly growing profession.

Our purpose as a community will be to continually build a body of knowledge that empowers IMA members and non-IMA members to deliver on new types of decision useful information regarding Sustainable Business Information and management topics that promotes trust, builds value, and facilitates action. 

We would like to welcome each and everyone of you to our community. To join, please click the link here.

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Today, the core of IMA’s activities is expressed in our competency framework.  Importantly, this framework supports the delivery of external corporate reporting, but it is so much more. It addresses the all the areas to satisfy the requisite skills for organizational performance, asset preservation, and stakeholder value creation, including governance and control (to make sure that information is useful, reliable, and trustworthy), strategy, business acumen, technology – with leadership at the top and ethics at its core.