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TechTalk Blog - As Proxy Season Starts US Companies & Banks Begin to Disclosure Non-Financial Data to the Capital Markets as a Best Practice

The CEO of Vanguard published a similar letter in August 2017

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TechTalk Blog - Need for Digital Assurance Services Grow As Structured Data (XBRL) Gains Momentum by Both Capital Markets & Governments For Better Decision Making

How can the management accounting profession become more relevant as we continue to move into the digital age? Structured data and the services rendered could be some of those areas -- especially as the need for data tagging of documents contained with blockchain will increase in the marketplace

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TechTalk Blog: The Status of the DATA Act & How it Can Revolutionize Government Reporting Using Possibly XBRL

Under the DATA Act, after Treasury & OMB agree on a common data standard -- federal agencies will have two years to start reporting their financial information in hopefully the XBRL data format. We will provide information as it comes available. This effort creating a common data format so tagged information can be computer-readable could be a potential opportunity for management accountants involved in government reporting and will spawn a new sector of accounting IT professionals. As one of the founding members of the XBRL Consortium the IMA has been a big supporter of the DATA ACT

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TechTalk Blog: New US SEC Reg A+ to Help Small Companies Raise Millions By Using New Technologies

New US SEC Reg A+ to Help Smaller Companies Access Investment Capital via Crowdfunding Using Social Media, Big Data and Cloud Technologies On March 25, 2015 the US Securities and Exchange Commission announced that it has adopted rules to facilitate smaller companies' access to capital, as mandated by the JOBS Act approved by Congress and signed into law by the President on April 5, 2012. Sums of up to $20 million can be raised in a Tier 1 offering, while up to $50 million can be raised in a Tier 2 offering under the new, updated and expanded Regulation A, known as Reg A+ within a one year period. As adopted, only businesses organized in and have principal place of business in the United States or Canada would be qualified to use Reg A+

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TechTalk Blog -- 86% of Accounting Tasks Can Be Automated With Current Technology -- Management Accountants Need to Review New Technologies

We’re a data-driven world, and the profession is in a great position for that

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TechTalk Blog: Corporate Governance Breach Could Lead to Losses Topping $20 Billion This Year

The research firm predicts that a single corporate risk event will lead to losses topping $20 billion this year."

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TechTalk Blog: US SEC Invites Entities Regulated by the SEC (Public Companies) to Submit a Voluntary Diversity Assessment Report and Also Disclose to Stakeholders

The self-assessments are voluntary for US public companies but as a best practice many companies will quickly move forward with voluntary compliance – especially if companies receive an additional alpha from the capital markets for this disclosure from investors