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TechTalk Blog: XBRL and Star Wars' C-3PO

At a high level, XBRL helps someone using business information (e.g., an analyst or investor) easily gather data (e.g., financial data, sustainability data, ESG or CSR information) from multiple sources (e.g., directly from company web sites, stock exchanges, open data sources, data aggregators/feeds) using the Internet and analyze that information using XBRL-enabled software (i.e., software that can import and analyze XBRL formatted information)

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Great article in CFO Magazine by Russ Banham on the quickly expanding role CFOs and their finance teams are now assuming beyond the management of financial information critical to the operation of the enterprise they pilot

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TechTalk Blog - European Securities & Market Authority (ESMA) Provides Instruction on Using Inline XBRL for Public Company Disclosure

Great article from the European Securities Market Authority on what EU public companies must do using the new Inline XBRL Global Data Standard for Better Transparency & Accountability by putting financial and non-financial financial statement info in a machine-readable format. The USA...

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TechTalk Blog - European Financial Transparency Gateway Construction Moves Forward For Better EU Public Company Disclosures to Help Global Investors

Public companies are disclosing additional information besides financial and new platform will take into consideration new data sets of information such as climate change, gender, racial, human trafficking and child labor to directly related public companies to relationships with important local and global stakeholders for better corporate governance.

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TechTalk Blog - US GAO Issues Report on State of Climate/ Non Financial Disclosures in the United States & US SEC Efforts to Monitor & Enforce to Protect Investors

"By using such information, the federal government could take the initial step in establishing government-wide priorities to manage such risks."

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TechTalk Blog - As Proxy Season Starts US Companies & Banks Begin to Disclosure Non-Financial Data to the Capital Markets as a Best Practice

Some companies are combining financial reporting with non-financial reporting into ONE REPORT or "Integrated Reporting" to external stakeholders that also includes natural resources and human capital -- beyond just financial information