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TechTalk Blog -- European Parliament Votes in Favor of New Shareholders Rights Directive Requiring Additional Non-Financial Reporting by Public Companies

The European Parliament has voted in favor of new rules that will strengthen shareholder rights and facilitate cross-border voting under the Shareholders Rights Directive as the new Trump Presidential administration moves in the complete opposite direction related to enhanced corporate...

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Great article in CFO Magazine by Russ Banham on the quickly expanding role CFOs and their finance teams are now assuming beyond the management of financial information critical to the operation of the enterprise they pilot. The Finance team is quickly becoming the “de facto”...

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TechTalk Blog - US House and Senate Hold Hearings on US SEC Mandating Corporate Non-Financial Reporting to Support Growing $30 Trillion Sustainability Investing Marketplace The IMA has partnered with Sustainability Accounting Standards Board as the global ESG standards organization works closely with the US SEC in moving forward with the standardizing of these new disclosure requirements to keep US companies competitive

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TechTalk Blog - How to Talk to Investors on Non-Financial Reporting Disclosures to Attract New Capital

A 2007 study found that Fortune 500 companies in the top quartile for female board representation outperform those in the lowest quartile by at least 53 per cent return on equity. - from “The Bottom Line: Corporate Performance and Women’s Representation on Boards” by Catalyst For the management accountant marketplace efforts are underway to support diversity and inclusion

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TechTalk Blog - US Securities & Exchange Commission Chairman and US Congress Urge Public Companies to Disclosure Human Capital Metrics to the Capital Markets

House of Representatives and Senate that would require every public company to disclose in proxy statements: (i) data regarding the racial, ethnic and gender composition of its board of directors, director nominees, and executive officers, as well as the status of any such person as a veteran, in each case, based on voluntary self-identification; and (ii) whether the board has a policy or strategy to promote racial, ethnic and gender diversity among directors, nominees or executive officers. The SEC’s interpretation and the Congressional “Corporate Diversity Bill” are the latest evidence that efforts over the past two years for enhanced board diversity are gaining considerable momentum. 1 The Human Capital Management Coalition —a group of institutional investors with $2.8 trillion in assets—is urging the US Securities and Exchange Commission to require issuers to “disclose information about their human capital management policies, practices and performance.”