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TechTalk Blog - US Securities & Exchange Commission Seeks Comments on Sustainability Reporting by Public Companies

US SEC Seeks Public Comments on Modernization of Public Company Disclosures On April 13, 2016 The Securities and Exchange Commission voted to issue a "Concept Release" seeking public content on the form and content of disclosures made by US public companies to improve the usefulness of disclosures, making them more "effective" to investors and other stakeholders in the capital markets

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TechTalk Blog - US Securities & Exchange Commission Moving Forward with Inline XBRL for Public Company Financial Disclosure

Tech Alert: US SEC Chair Mary Jo White released a statement at an Open Meetings yesterday (April 13, 2016) on Regulation S-K Concept Release and use of Inline XBRL for better public company financial disclosure. Mary Jo White hinted at the open meeting of the US SEC that the agency is prepared to move forward with Inline XBRL for public company financial disclosure

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TechTalk Blog - European Securities & Market Authority (ESMA) Provides Instruction on Using Inline XBRL for Public Company Disclosure

Great article from the European Securities Market Authority on what EU public companies must do using the new Inline XBRL Global Data Standard for Better Transparency & Accountability by putting financial and non-financial financial statement info in a machine-readable format

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TechTalk Blog - European Financial Transparency Gateway Construction Moves Forward For Better EU Public Company Disclosures to Help Global Investors

Public companies are disclosing additional information besides financial and new platform will take into consideration new data sets of information such as climate change, gender, racial, human trafficking and child labor to directly related public companies to relationships with important local and global stakeholders for better corporate governance. The United Nations is also interested in the European Financial Transparency Gateway that would allow public companies to disclosure data related to the sustainability development goals (SDGs) as interest in climate change disclosures etc. accelerates among investors worldwide.