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TechTalk Blog: Clouds of Darkness to Some… Silver Lining to Others. Moving Management Accountants Into the Cloud.

The cloud is nothing new… to many of us. Larger companies have been using the cloud for many corporate functions for some time now, including the accounting, reporting, and finance functions. Consumers use it daily for photo and document storage, travel itineraries, messaging with friends,...

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TechTalk Blog: No More Mr. Nice Guy – Cybersecurity Attacks Explode

The gloves have come off. If you thought cyber security was a big concern before, wait ‘til you see what’s happening now! According to its October 1 report, “ What Every CEO Needs to Know About Cybersecurity ” , AT&T smacks us right between the eyes with an uncomfortable statistic –...

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TechTalk Blog: Fight Cyber Terrorists through Integrated Corporate Resilience, Not Just IT Controls

In the latest McKinsey Quarterly there is a excerpt from a new book (“ Beyond Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Digital Business”) that tackles the ever-present topic of cyber security and what companies can do to protect their critical information assets. The opening...

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TechTalk Blog: Top 10 Jobs for 2015 Include 4 Data Analytics Roles

We hear a lot about big data and advanced analytics in the media today. You cannot look at the business news and technology sections without seeing something related to these topics. And now we are seeing the types of jobs associated with analytics rising in popularity. According to a ...

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TechTalk Blog: Decentralization of IT for SMEs and the Rise of Managed Services

In business, we have learned that centralizing key functions, including accounting and finance, are crucial to efficiency, risk management, and control, among other things. After all, it probably doesn't make sense if each team conducted its own accounting or designed and managed its own...