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Hydropower generation process Article Review with IEEE Citation - Sample 2021

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Article Review in IEEE

In this article “Performance evaluation of hydropower generation system using transfer function modeling” the author Chidozie Chukwuemeka evaluated the performance of the hydropower system using function modeling[1]. The article is focusing on the electricity problem in Essay Writer. Lack of electricity is one of the most serious problems in any country. In this article the importance of electricity is explained by the author and the performance of the hydropower generation system is being evaluated. The authors have discussed this problem in detail and then gave an appropriate solution to this problem by introducing a transfer function approach to improve the performance of the hydropower plant. 

The authors of the article introduced a solution to the existing problem by using a transfer function. In the introduction, the importance of hydropower plants has explained the problem that occurs due to it is discussed in detail[1]. The issue of low power generation occurs due to the ineffective and poor maintenance and performance of the facilities that are provided in Nigeria.The main objective of conducting detailed research on this topic to establish an efficient and effective way of evaluating the performance value of hydropower generation facilities to enhance the performance using a newly introduced modeling which is known as transfer function modeling [2]. The authors have explained the problem that occurred in Nigeria very well and suggested a new and effective method to improve the results. 

The process includes the ten years of performance data from Kainji Hydro Power Station based in Nigeria. The authors have described the theoretical belief that led them to find a suitable solution for this problem. The data is collected to conduct an analysis and evaluation based on the ten years of data. The transfer function parameters are used to indicate the performance value of the hydropower plant. After analyzing the information they have found the results that show the best performance which was established in 2003[2]. The standard indicator value should be 7.523 to determine the efficiency of the power Write my essay. The authors have explained the methodology that is used to find out how to measure the performance value of hydropower plants in Nigeria in order to increase the performance and solve the problem. 

The results can clearly be seen through the statistical facts and tables that are used in the article to explain the performance value of ten years[1]. The results show that this method can successfully evaluate the performance of the hydropower which can be used to find appropriate ways to improve the performance. 

The analysis of the input and output series indicates the input that was used to calculate the output of the process. The output series is the value performance of each year[1]. The input series can help us understand the problem and how can we avoid it in the future to reduce this issue by evaluating the performance. 

The conclusion of the article sums up the entire document by suggesting that the transfer function modeling methodology can be used to evaluate and improve the performance of hydropower plants. This research proves to be very significant and vital to determine the root cause and find an appropriate solution. The results of this research prove to be beneficial for further research to find novice ways of enhancing performance by making the hydropower plant process college essay writing service