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Formal Style Guide for ASA Paper - 2021 Guide

Are you one of those students who find formatting an essay a daunting task? Well, a lot of students don’t like this part and often skip it to get rid of it but end up getting bad grades. There are a lot of citation styles that are used for different kinds of Essay Writing Service and the worst part is that each formatting style has its own rules that need to be followed. ASA is one of the most common yet uncommon writing styles. 

If your teacher has asked you to format your essay inthe ASA citation style and you have no idea about how to format it then you have come to the right place. Writing according to the ASA format isn’t a big deal, you just need to understand basic guidelines and rules that need to be followed. Here, I will share the basic guidelines for you to help you format your essay using the ASA style. 

How to Format Your Essay Using ASA Style

Guidelines of ASA Format 

  1. The text of your document should be of size 12
  2. You have to add margins of no less than 1 inch from all sides of the Write My Paper
  3. Your document must have a separate title page that contains the title of your paper, names of the authors, page number, the title footnote which includes author names, addresses, credits, and acknowledgments. 
  4. The third heading is just like second, in italics, justified and capitalized

Citation and References in ASA Format

  1. Generally, the in-text citation includes the last name of the author and the year of publication in ASA style but there are a few conditions applied like if the name of the author appears in the text it should be followed up with the publication year inside the brackets. 
  2. When the name of the author does not appear in the text the name of the author and year of publication both should write inside the Paper Writing Service.
  3. Page numbers can also be included in the in-text citation. If the page number includes it will follow the year of publication and a colon that will separate the two of them
  4. If you use any quotations they should begin and end with the quotation marks. 

Footnotes can also be used to cite the references at the end of every page. 

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