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Webinar "Trends in the Global Accounting Industry and its future prospects"-1 CPE

  • 1.  Webinar "Trends in the Global Accounting Industry and its future prospects"-1 CPE

    Posted 11 days ago

    Topic: "Trends in the Global Accounting Industry and its future prospects"

    Speaker's Profile:

    Uttam Pai Umesh, CPA, is an accomplished finance and education professional with a BCom degree from Christ University, Bengaluru. Currently, as the Assistant VP of Academics and Corporate Relations at Miles Education, he leads a team managing academic partnerships with 50+ colleges and universities, including prestigious institutions like IIMs.

    As a licensed US CPA with expertise gained during a 1.5-year tenure at Deloitte in external audit, Uttam brings a unique blend of academic and practical skills. His leadership has guided thousands of aspiring CPAs and CMAs in India. In addition to his professional roles, Uttam is a PhD candidate at Arka Jain University, deepening his understanding of finance and audit intricacies. Uttam's commitment to educational excellence and a strong grasp of finance positions him as a dedicated professional shaping future financial leaders in India.

    1.       Learning Objectives:

    ·       Understand Current Trends

    ·       Analyze Industry Challenges

    ·       Explore Technological Innovations

    ·       Examine Regulatory Landscape

    ·       Evaluate Globalization Impact

    ·       Forecast Future Developments

    ·       Enhance Professional Skills

    ·       Explore Career Opportunities

    ·       Promote Ethical Practices

    ·       Engage in Industry Networking

    Field of Study (see attached list): Accounting

     Day/Time: Saturday, 10th February 2023, 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM IST

     Duration/CPEs being offered: 1 hr / 1 CPE

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    Kind regards,

    IMA Kolkata Chapter

    Rohit Kumar Gupta
    CMA Aspirant
    Sikkim, India