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  • 1.  Preparing for CMA Exams

    Posted 21 days ago

    I am signing up for the Jan/Feb 2024 Testing Window and would like to get feedback on what resources are better to pass the exams the first time.
    I was looking at Becker or B Certified Pro.
    I am leaning more towards B Certified Pro as it has live sessions and I think it would keep me on a schedule.
    Also, thoughts on which part to take first.
    Thanks in advance,

    Stephanie Diaz

  • 2.  RE: Preparing for CMA Exams

    Posted 20 days ago

    Hello there Stephanie hoping you are well! I am studying for my Part 1, my exam is 21st of June next month! I am using Becker material and it's honestly great there are many question bank questions there are randomly generated tests, two mock exams, flashcards, online textbooks and offline if you pay extra, also lecture videos, and essay skill-building videos you name it! I do recommend it but I do not know what B-certified Pro is so I can not compare the two sorry! 

    Ward Al-Khateeb

  • 3.  RE: Preparing for CMA Exams

    Posted 19 days ago
    Hi can we reschedule  exam date