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  • 1.  Membership

    Posted 06-18-2022 08:45 PM
    My membership expire in November 2021, I dont have money to extend due to covid-19.
    I just renew membership yesterday ( 18/6/2022), I see my CMA program flow don't show my result exam, it's mean I must be started over from first exam :((((
    It's not fair to me :(

    Ngoc Le
    Binh Duong
    Viet Nam

  • 2.  RE: Membership

    Posted 06-19-2022 12:59 PM
    Did you get in touch with the IMA? I don't think this can be the case.

    Irtza Chaudhry
    Mississauga ON

  • 3.  RE: Membership

    Posted 06-20-2022 03:39 AM
    Hi Ngoc,

    Did you write to IMA?

    Curious to know what happened.

    Best regards,
    Shankar E

    Shankar E

  • 4.  RE: Membership

    Posted 06-20-2022 07:11 AM
    Dear friends

    Create one whatsapp group

  • 5.  RE: Membership

    Posted 06-20-2022 09:14 AM
    As far as i know you 3 years to complete  both parts and this counts form the day 1 of your membership

    but in my opinion they should make exceptions because i got my membership then covid happened and its not fair that i have 2 years to complete both parts and other student have three years.

    please let me know how they respond


    Tayba Al-Mehdar
    Saudi Arabia