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  • 1.  Financial Calculator

    Posted 09-04-2022 08:24 PM
    Hello all, 

    For those who passed part 2 of the exam, did you use financial calculator to take the exam?

    I used regular 10 key to take part 1 and it was fine.  I am debating if I shoudl invest financial calculator for Part 2.  As I am doing the test bank questions, regular 10 key calculator seems sufficient.  I am wondering if I will get a lot PV, FV, interest rate, square root to the n power those kinds of questions.  If so, I may need to purchase one.  

    Thank you for sharing your experience.  


    Po Chi Tang Alvarado
    San Antonio TX
    United States

  • 2.  RE: Financial Calculator

    Posted 09-05-2022 12:46 AM

    Only a simple 10 digit calculator is allowed in CMA exam here in India, I hope that this policy is the same globally so for better clarity see the exam related instructions on the prometric website.

    Delhi, India

  • 3.  RE: Financial Calculator

    Posted 09-08-2022 02:37 AM
    whats does it mean by financial calculator?

    Thanks & Regards,

    Sabir Mohammed KP


  • 4.  RE: Financial Calculator

    Posted 09-09-2022 02:35 AM
    Hello, I personally did not use/ take the financial calculator with me, as I was confident with calculating the PV/FV using the  Present Value and Future Value Tables which are provided onscreen.