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  • 1.  CMA Exam Support Package

    Posted 09-12-2023 09:13 PM

    Anyone use the CMA exam support package? Would that be enough to prepare for the exam?

    Do you know what these mean on top of each question? Like in the first one: CSO:1A1a  LOS: 1A1a

      1. CSO: 1A1a LOS: 1A1a 
    The financial statements included in the annual report to the shareholders are least useful to which one of the following? a. Stockbrokers. b. Bankers preparing to lend money. c. Competing businesses. d. Managers in charge of operating activities. 

    2. CSO: 1A1a LOS: 1A1e 
    When a fixed asset is sold for less than book value, which one of the following will decrease? a. Total current assets. b. Current ratio. c. Net profit. d. Net working capital. 

    3. CSO: 1A1a LOS: 1A1e 
    On July 15, a company entered into a three-month agreement to rent a machine the company neede  

    Thank you.
    Evelyn S