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What Is Streetwear Fashion? 

09-02-2020 01:43 AM

Streetwear fashion is a style that starts in the streets and works its way upwards until it’s mainstream. A company like Frontrvnners creates a certain style that becomes popular on the streets, then the big designers start copying it and soon it’s everywhere.
Streetwear got its start in the 1970s with punk rock and California’s surfing culture. However, it wasn’t until the 90s and the advent of hip-hop that the fashion really took off. Most people think it’s all about sneakers and hoodies, but they’d be wrong if they said that’s all it is.
As a style, streetwear mixes graphics-heavy t-shirts and hoodies, jeans or sweatpants, military-style clothing like M-65 jackets, eccentric accessories like suspenders and big jewelry, hats, and of course, sneakers. It’s a mix-and-match culture that takes whatever catches the eye and combines them into a unique whole.
Fashion has been around since humans discovered clothing. At first, we just needed some extra protection against the elements. Then, men and women found that a unique look might attract a little extra attention that the same old saber-tooth tiger skin didn’t. Now clothing can not only express your personality, it can brand you as a member of some particular group or cultural subset.
If you want an authentic streetwear look, you’ll probably want to stay away from the big-name designers, who’ve just now started jumping on the streetwear fashion bandwagon. Instead, for that unique look, try the indie companies like Frontrvnner. They’re going to give you more realism and less bling.

Start with something expensive, like a set of quality sneakers, and build your look around that. Add a denim or leather jacket, a t-shirt with a vintage logo or graphic, and maybe some oversized sweatpants or leggings. Top it off with a unique hat and you’ve got it.
The mindset that’s behind streetwear fashion is harder to obtain. You’ve got to have the right attitude to pull this off properly. It’s more of a power shift, from corporations to the consumer. It’s a turn-around from high-fashion “trickle down” design, where top designers curry to the upper class and manufacturers hurry to copy their designs for the masses. With streetwear fashion,
The typical consumer with a streetwear mindset is young, enjoys hip-hop music, and is willing to spend a bit on casual clothing that gives an exclusive look and sends an insider message. Streetwear is more of a democratic fashion statement because the consumer decides what’s popular instead of being told by the high-fashion designers.
Today, social media gives the consumer an unprecedented power to express their desires. No longer dependent on the upper class to set the standard, they can circulate their unique looks on the internet and attract like-minded peers to back them up. Streetwear fashion is all about the consumer.

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