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How to Prevent Getting Coronavirus 

15 days ago

Barely 12 months since the inception of the infamous covid-19, over 369 thousand people have died in the U.S, with more numbers increasing daily. This deadly pandemic has put the entire world in a state of turmoil, kids cannot go to school, recreational centers have been shutdown, businesses have been affected, etc. As there's no end in sight, government, health workers, religious bodies, in fact people in general have taken on the task of preventing themselves from this deadly virus. One of such acquired preventive method is N95 face mask.

What is an N95 face mask?

Most respirators are named solely on the degree of particulates they can filter from the air. N95 respirators are named because they have the ability to filter 95% of airborne particles, this is just okay to at least stop the virus from invading your mouth and nose. Why N95 face mask are so essential, is because if someone has already contracted the virus, and puts on his N95 face mask, it will decrease the probability of the person transmitting it to others, this is because the droplets will be contained in the mask. Some of the amazing features of N95 face masks are:

● It can filter 95% of airborne particles, thereby protecting you and your loved ones from corona virus, influenza, and other respiratory viruses.
● It is made of a non-woven synthetic fabric with two well extended cloth straps that goes all the way around your head, instead of behind your ears. This is preferable as the cloth straps gives a better fit and keeps your N95 respiratory in place better than the ear could.
● N95 face mask can help with smoke from wildfires.

There are many outlets that have N95 mask for sale, make a wise choice and get one for yourself and family.

What makes N95 a better choice than others

There are two types of N95 face mask: Flat-fold and cup. Flat-fold N95 facemask are flat on package, it is comfortable, easier to fit, and most people prefer it. Cup N95 respirators are cone shaped, or rather look like hard clam shell. Both of these facemask are very effective in providing protection. Because these facemasks are tight fit and have 95% filtering capacity, they are more effective than any other face mask. Mask made of cotton and polymer fabric cannot protect you from corona virus. The penetration ability of airborne particles in cotton and cloth fabric is alarming! Hence N95 respiratory are a best fit for you as particles cannot penetrate inside.

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