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Top 5 Most Common Reasons for Buying a League of Legends Account 

09-07-2020 01:04 AM

Smurfing is a concept that most League of Legends players are becoming all too familiar with nowadays. In fact, it might even be the first step for all aspiring professional players. There are many reasons as to why more and more people are buying LoL accounts, but all of it boils down to one cause: to improve their overall game experience. Besides, the gaming industry has dominated the world like we’ve never seen before. So, this is the best time to make the best out of your LoL journey.

Without further ado, here are the top five most common reasons why players buy a League of Legends account.

  1. Rank is too high or too low
There is a saying that too much of anything is bad – and that is applicable even in online games. If you’re struggling to climb up to the next rank because of bad decisions, then you might want to consider buying a new account. The good thing about most LoL account sellers is that they offer a ton of exclusive deals and amazing bonuses already included in the account such as Blue Essence and Riot Points. Hence, you don’t even need to go back to the very beginning and work your way up the ladder. You’ll have the opportunity to use those BE to obtain champions you love and unlock other in-game features. On the other hand, if your account belongs in the top 10 percentile of godlike players, chances are your gameplay isn’t as fun and exciting as it was before. There is now an underlying pressure to maintain your rank and losing bares more pain now than it did when you were just starting out. If you’d like to momentarily escape from the stress and pressure, then consider buying a LoL account.

  1. Bad experiences
Perhaps you’ve made some terrible memories in that account and you’d want to move on from it and start fresh. Toxic players, never ending lose streaks, and even bad luck often contribute to a worse gaming experience. Hence, if you’d like to escape from all the negativity, maybe using a new account (complete with all the boosts to help you maximize your potential and skill) will help you get through. 

  1. Wrong decisions
Some players make in-game mistakes that could significantly impact their performance. An incompatible server region, for instance, can dictate if you’re going to go up against skills players or if your internet connectivity is strong enough for a decent game. Many beginners are unaware of the importance of the region they’re going to choose upon sign-up and just choose one without proper consideration. In a lighter note, some players may not like the username they came up with and would like to change it. Unfortunately, you might have to purchase a name change in the game client. However, by buying a League of Legends account, you’ll have a second chance and make things right.

  1. Account ban or suspension
An important disclaimer: we are not encouraging bad players to cheat the support system of Riot. If you were permanently banned for being toxic, constantly going AFK, and other rule-breaking behaviors, you most definitely deserve whatever punishment Riot may have imposed upon your account. However, if you’ve learned from your lesson, the only way to play the game is to buy a new account. Just make sure to not commit the same mistakes again as Riot won’t tolerate any prohibited actions even with a new account.

  1. Shortcut
Sometimes players just like to speed run things, especially when it involves a system that requires players to achieve certain requirements before they can unlock certain features of the game. For instance, a player must have a level 30 account and at least 20 owned champions before he/she can join a ranked game. To obtain these requirements without any boosts means that one must invest in hours of gameplay. This is super time-consuming and demanding. Luckily, buying a LoL account saves you the time and effort of levelling up and unlocking champions. The only thing you now have to worry about is to actually perform well and rank up.

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