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How Long Do Tonkinese Cat Live? 

09-16-2020 01:25 AM

A Tonkinese cat is a pedigree from Siamese and Burmese cats. The life expectancy of a Tonkinese reaches up to 15 years and if you are lucky but uncommon, may reach up to 18 years. This is relatively normal for cats to have long lifespans compared to that of a dog.
Tonkinese Personality and Temperament
Tonkinese is known to be very active and playful that usually causes trouble but fun at the same time. They are also loving and affectionate making them perfect for those who have children and other animals at home. But because Tonkinese loves companionship, it will be quite hard to leave this breed alone for they will become bored easily and may cause more trouble.

All About Tonkinese Lifespan
As mentioned, Tonkinese can reach up to 15 years of life expectancy if taken care of well, and needs are met accordingly. There are some factors to consider that are known to affect the lifespan of a Tonkinese such as nutrition, living setup, wanderings, health and genetics, and veterinary care.
  • Nutrition – because of the body built of a Tonkinese where they carry a lot of muscle, it is important that their diet can accommodate proper muscle health and bone health since they are heavier than they look. Also, since they are active, their diet must contain an ample amount of calories. Also, applicable for all cat breeds, it is important that you need to observe possible allergies or intolerances to prevent any health complications.
  • Living Setup – since Tonks are active but indoor cats, you should always consider providing them the best living setup at home. Provide them with an activity area and keep them away from dangerous and toxic materials.
  • Wanderings – if you are asking how long do Tonkinese cats live, then you should also be asking how should you keep your Tonkinese from wandering? Because of their friendly and loving nature, they can easily trust strangers which can result in wandering and possible accidents. Because of this, you need to keep them indoors as much as possible.
  • Health and Genetics – it inevitable that cats inherit health problems genetically. It can either inherit some health complications from Siamese or Burmese.
  • Veterinary Care – one of the best factors to expand or prolong the lifespan of a Tonkinese is ensuring its regular vet visits. This is to ensure that your Tonk is in the right shape and it can also detect potential illness.
Study Tonkinese Very Well
As you decide to own and take care of a Tonkinese, like any other pets or animals, you should know the animal’s needs, personality, and temperament first by studying the breed well to ensure that you are capable and ready for it. They are going to be part of the family and taking care of them right is a priority.

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