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Fanteam: The Best Fantasy Sports Platform 

09-04-2020 05:14 AM

I had this friend who used to borrow my mobile phone every week because he did not have access to one. I usually hear him mention the names of professional athletes that I am familiar with while selecting a team of players. I’ve always wondered what he uses my phone for until I finally dared to ask him. It was that day I had the most significant discovery of my life. I later went to find out that he makes cool cash weekly by playing Fantasy Sports. As a very staunch football fan, I had always thought sports betting was the only way one can make money via their favourite sports. I didn’t know that you can make money from what you know about sports and still have fun while doing it.

Fanteam is the secret to winning big, and it only gets bigger. With fanteamreview, you have the chance to monetize your knowledge about different sports. If you are familiar with Fantasy Premier League (FPL), it would be straightforward for you to play Fanteam. Fanteam is a fantasy Premier League based games where you select a team of players and get points based on their real-life performance to win a prize. When you sign up for Fanteam, you will come across a gaming lobby that contains all tournaments, both available and coming ones. It is in the gaming lobby that you find all available sports event for that day.

The first thing to do before you can win is to deposit money into your Fanteam account. Once you are done with that, you can go ahead and compete in any tournament you desire as long as you can afford the cost of entry. Take note that tournaments with higher entry costs have a higher reward than those with lower entry price. Every tournament has seats that need to be filled up before the game kicks off. One hint to amassing points is to wait for the line-ups to be announced before selecting your team players. Points are also awarded for playtime, so you have to be sure a player is going to start to gather maximum points. You are free to make changes to your line-up as long as you do so before the kick-off.

When selecting your line-up, one important factor to consider is your budget. As a manager of the fantasy team, you have a stipulated amount of virtual money to make the team. Fanteam is very flexible as you do not always need to select a team of 11 players. There are statistics based on previous performances of team and players that can help you when choosing your team.

With Fanteam, making money while having fun is now my hobby.

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