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Part 2 - Gleim vs Wiley

  • 1.  Part 2 - Gleim vs Wiley

    Posted 2 days ago
    How does the Gleim test bank compare to the actual exam? Some of the gleim questions can be very challenging and contain lots of steps. Wiley questions seem easier and have less steps involved in certain calculations

    Just wanted to hear some opinions, thanks!

    Bradley Kilbreth
    Manchester NH
    United States

  • 2.  RE: Part 2 - Gleim vs Wiley

    Posted 2 days ago
    I Used Gleim for Part-1 and the questions in the exam were 80-85% similar to what Gleim Offers in their Question Bank. I believe Gleim study material is way superior to anyother material for Exam Preprations.

    Muhammad Usman Cheema
    Alokozay Group Of Companies
    United Arab Emirates

  • 3.  RE: Part 2 - Gleim vs Wiley

    Posted yesterday
    As per my understanding, hock is best to read and understand the concepts, gliem question bank is best for practice toughest questions, Wiley is best for online test simulation and gives u section wise pass/fail rate to understand your weakest/strongest section.

    Gliem online test bank doesn’t give u correct pities section wise

    Hope that was helpful.
    Stay home!

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  • 4.  RE: Part 2 - Gleim vs Wiley

    Posted 2 days ago
    Hi Bradley,

    In my experience, Gleim material was moderately difficult but this level of difficulty helped me lot in exam. If you ask me Glem's questions are similar, Lot of exam questions i could see the same pattern. ( Not same Questions) . thanks.