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Break during Exam ,Pregnancy

  • 1.  Break during Exam ,Pregnancy

    Posted 07-24-2021 04:40 PM
    Hi guys, 

    My cma exams are due in 2nd last week of September and 1st week of october 2021, that time I will be 7 months pregnant and will have to take some break during Exam as I won't be able to make 4hrs straight without break.

    Does anybody have any idea, how to get break (atleast 10 min 15min like CPA exam)during Exam time due to some exceptional circumstances .


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    Posted 07-25-2021 01:37 AM
    Hello Priya, as you know exam is for 4 hrs.but unfortunately there is no break during CMA exams. If you take a break your time would still be running and when you re enter the exam room you will undergo all procedures like when you did originally entering the room. Basically you would lose 10-15 min out 4 hrs if you take a break. So you will have 3 hrs 45 min at your disposal. I do not  know any exceptions will be made but probably talk to the prometric center before the exams itself to explain the situation and ask their opinion.


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    Posted 07-25-2021 02:25 AM

    Hi ,

    you can send to the IMA service email Nd the will direct you to the right person. As far as i know, you can show them your medical situation and explain your need for breaks and they can give you extra time for the exam to cover for this. And it is good to send from now. Because they might ask you to cancel the exam so they can make the exception and then to book again the exam. 

    Nadine Backleh

  • 4.  RE: Break during Exam ,Pregnancy

    Posted 07-28-2021 06:03 AM
    Priya , breaks are allowed but as per my experience they don't stop the clock if you take a break. 

    Also wanted to understand that is it feasible to apply for both parts in same window as you have applied in sept and October.