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    Posted 10-02-2021 01:48 AM
    I am a B.Com(Hons) Vth Semester Student and have also cleared CA Intermediate of Chartered Accountancy Course offered by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
    Taking  Above Qualifications ,  
    Is it possible for me to prepare through self study for CMA Examination.
    P.S I Applied for CMA Scholarship Program & Got it 
    In which I got Benefits worth $982 from IMA (3 Year Student Membership + Entrance Fees+ Exams Fees for Both Parts)
    I also got Wiley CMA Pro Review Course worth $ 900 . This Course includes Small Bite Sized Video Lessons , e Textbook,Test Bank and Flash Cards,Practice Exams,etc.
    Is it Possible for me to go through all Wiley Software and Clear Exams 
    Or Should I take Separate Coaching Classes like from Miles

  • 2.  RE: Self Study

    Posted 10-03-2021 09:19 AM
    Hi Anurag,

    You have sufficient knowledge, experience, and materials to successfully pass this course. Only thing you need to maintain is dedication towards achieving the goal and practicing with lots and lots of questions provided in the test bank. Once you are able to understand how to tackle the big questions without wasting time reading every aspect of it, you'll start building confidence. Again, practice with as many questions as you can. For each part of the exam, I practiced with 1.5k questions on average before sitting for the exams, and passed with self study and watching some YouTube videos where concepts weren't as clear for me.

    I created a video on preparing for the exam. Hopefully, it'd add more clarity. 

    Preparing and Registering for CMA | Standardized exam |

    Jobin Thomas

  • 3.  RE: Self Study

    Posted 10-03-2021 09:42 AM
    Thanks a lot for your reply

  • 4.  RE: Self Study

    Posted 10-04-2021 12:22 PM
    Hello Anurag,

    I happen to have the same qualifications as you & am planning to sit for CMA Part 2 in October window. Could you kindly advise as to how did you avail the scholarship or what documents did you have to submit to get it ?

    Awaiting your kind reply.