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To jump to a Financial Analyst?

  • 1.  To jump to a Financial Analyst?

    Posted 24 days ago
    Hi Everyone,

    Is there anyone here who is currently a Financial Analyst? I am actually contemplating on what to do next. I have written my Part 2 exam on Feb and am waiting for the results next month. I am currently working as an Accountant and I wonder if what would be my next step to excel in my career.

    Honestly speaking, Finance and Economics is not my forte at all, in fact, I have accepted that I am weak on these side. But, I believe that if I wanna be successful in life and career, I need to work on my weaknesses and improve them. I consider myself an average person and I don't even watch news about business and trade. I also have more difficulty studying Part 2 than Part 1.

    Can anyone give me an advice if I should pursue being a Financial Analyst (because I am considering taking up CFA) or if I should focus on my current career and work on where I already started (to take up ACCA/CPA)?

    Thank you in advance!

    Mary Mitzel Claire Susa
    United Arab Emirates

  • 2.  RE: To jump to a Financial Analyst?

    Posted 24 days ago
    Hello Mary,

    What a great question you have my dear ??

    First of all I would recommend if you raise this issue to your fellow members in UAE chapter and get direct insight there. This group is created for CMA materials discussion and concerns, and I don't think you will get much more replies on what you need to know, or we will see a huge argument about it.

    Second thing is I would recommend every member to reply directly to your IMA mail box rather than publishing it here to avoid any misunderstanding and variety of personal opinions regarding this issue.

    Am gonna send you my advice directly, please review it in your inbox.

    Kind regards

    Samer Ahmad, FMVA, SCA

  • 3.  RE: To jump to a Financial Analyst?

    Posted 24 days ago
    You can certainly make the switch over to an analyst role with the right learning. A strong accounting base is valued in an analyst role & the switch over can be somewhat natural.

    Andrew Garner
    United States

  • 4.  RE: To jump to a Financial Analyst?

    Posted 23 days ago

    If you wanna become a person who work in investment banking field or be able to value financial instruments such as stocks, bonds and derivatives, CFA is suitable for you. But if you want to work in finance department of a company, CMA is more superior to CFA. If you want to improve your finance and economics, I think it is better to read the textbook rather than pursue CFA.
    My textbook recommendation:

    - Principles of economics - By Mankiw. (it is the best book for introductory economics)
    - Macroeconomics - By Mankiw (it is intermediate macroeconomics textbook)
    - Corporate finance - Stephen Ross (it is very useful book. And since you are accountant, reading this textbook is easier to understand and "feel" the knowledge)
    My background: I have completed CFA level 1 with top 10% score. But when I was learning level 2, I saw that it is not suitable for my goal to become a finance manager. I am going to take CMA exam on may and june. And many friends of mine is impressed by my knowledge which is come from CMA.

    Cuong Tran
    Viet Nam