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    Posted 9 days ago
    I want to reschedule my cma exam to August/October window

    I sent many emails to Prometric to send me new confirmation number and no answer from them

    Can anyone help me? 

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    Posted 9 days ago
    Hi Nabil,

    Call IMA and tell them you want to cancel. They will send you link for prometric  cancellation or you can go to prometric site and cancel it . Then call or email  IMA and provide them your cancellation number and then they issue you new registration number to reschedule.  Using this new number you can reschedule the prometric exam .Due to Covid19 they are rescheduling without any charge .

    Fareeha Mahum
    Financial Analyst
    Asheville NC
    United States

  • 3.  RE: Support

    Posted 9 days ago
    Hello Nabil,

    Hope you are doing well in CMA study,

    Further to the kind response of Ms. Fareeha, please find the attached files for reference, noting that you have only (5) days left to shift your exam window at no cost (As per IMA attached notice).

    To save some time, you can directly cancel your appointment with Prometric first, then contact IMA student services center (ima@...) to request the shifting process.
    As far as I have experienced before, they will respond in the same working day or the next one. So, hurry up please.

    Hope your process will go smoothly

    Kind regards

    Samer Ahmad, FMVA, SCA


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    Posted 8 days ago
    Can you please add me to the cma part 1 what's app group my no:7561839643