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    Posted 4 days ago
    Hi, I've read a lot on here, online, Reddit, Quora, etc. about what prep course/materials I should use; thought I would ask here for any recommendations --

    • I've taken undergraduate and graduate classes in accounting and finance, but I am not an accountant. My day job for the past 10 years or so has included supervising auditors, bookkeepers, monthly reporting, budgeting, investment strategy, etc. I have an MBA, concentration in finance.
    • I learn best from practicing questions and going through wrong answers. I don't do as well with video lectures.
    • Since it's been a while since school I'm sure I'm nowhere near as competent in theory anymore.
    I'm considering Hock+Gleim test bank, Wiley+Gleim test bank, or just Gleim. Anyone else have experience/guidance that can be shared?

    Thanks in advance!

    John Hsieh
    Stamford CT
    United States